TEENS PROGRAM commences in February 2017

The CrossFit Shepparton Teens program is a strength and conditioning program designed for 13-17 years old athletes and non-athletes alike. The program combines age-appropriate weightlifting and gymnastics with high intensity training to deliver optimal fitness and performance, as well as establish a lifetime love of fitness.

Proper weightlifting techniques are taught, under the watchful eye of our CrossFit certified trainers, to enhance strength and power, while also focusing on basic gymnastics to increase agility, mobility and flexibility.

In addition, we aim to boost self-esteem and confidence within our teens. We want to give them the strength, both physically and mentally, to tackle any obstacle thrown their way inside or out of the gym. Our workouts are scalable for all individuals.

Who is the Teens Program for?

If your teenager is already an athlete, our program is designed to take them to the next level by teaching proper mechanics, recovery, movement, nutrition, and flexibility.

The CrossFit Shepparton Teens program is ideal for any teenage athlete looking to get the edge over the competition in their chosen sport. Most teen athletic programs focus on one specific sport. This can lead to overuse injuries. Plus athletes who do not participate in a diverse program tend not to develop strengths disassociated with their sports. We instead aim to create an all-around athlete that will excel at any sport or physical task thrown their way.

If your teen is not an athlete, our program is guaranteed to help them establish healthy lifestyle habits, and convert them from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active, prolific one. Our primary goals are to convey the notion that fitness can be fun, and help these teens develop a positive self-image. Teens are faced with so many pressures and unnecessary stress these days. We are committed to helping them understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. We want the teens in our program to develop a positive body image, improve cognitive function, protect them against injury by teaching proper body mechanics, and create a community of like-minded, confident individuals that can turn to one another for support.

What does a typical class involve?

  • Workout specific warm up
  • Technique training around correct movements
  • Strength and Conditioning program
  • Professional coaching from certified coaches
  • Mobility Techniques to reduce injury risk

How much is it and when does it run?

The program is on all year and does NOT follow the school year.

There are 3 sessions per week from 4-5pm, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and is instructed by CrossFit Certified trainers. Each Teen will follow the set program (modifications may be made to suit the individual) with the guidance of the trainer to assist and personally coach them.


Monday, Wednesday & Fridays @ 4-5pm

Cost involved


For more information contact us to arrange a Free Trial Session.