I became a member of CrossFit in March of this year and it has change my life with some pretty awesome results, this is my story to what brought me to CrossFit and why I stayed.

3 years ago I was 72kg and I was shocked with a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and as a result of this I also became pre diabetic. Any woman that has PCOS will know how awful the symptoms can be such as weight gain, low mood, fatigue, and infertility. If that wasn’t enough, you’re at a higher risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, type two diabetes and increased risk of certain cancers.

I was told I had to stay away from sugars, so what did I do… the opposite! With the stress of managing uni and a full time job I stopped exercising and let that stigmatism of PCOS beat me and the weight piled on, this resulted in me taking diabetic medication to manage the elevated blood sugar levels that was causing the fatigue. I also had constant hip and back pain. I was in the worst shape of my life and as a nurse I knew that having PCOS should not be used as an excuse to leading an unhealthy lifestyle.

A friend encouraged me to try CrossFit. In the beginning it was hard to motivate myself to come to class, I felt anxious about the exercises and would struggle to get through the workouts, but the other members and coaches are amazing and welcomed me with open arms. I have formed new friendships and I am constantly improving and loving each small gain I make.

I also joined a nutrition group with CrossFit, which really kicked along my journey to a healthier life. So far I have lost 11kg, but that isn’t the best bit! I am no longer pre diabetic, I’m full of energy and I’m off the medication, I carry fewer injuries and my posture is so much better.

I am sharing my story because so many people have something in their life that holds them back from making positive lifestyle choices. Make that choice, ask the question, do you want those things to define who you are? Do you want poor health outcomes later in life?

It’s because of CrossFit and the positive people around me that helped me make these achievements, I would not have come close to what I have achieved on my own or through a regular gym.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, your fitness level, skill level or your size, what matters is showing up and having a go. No one judges you they only encourage you.

~ Sherryn Jenvey