Here’s the reasons why…. 

1. You’ll get an awesome workout in on 1 hour:

I know you’re busy. You’re juggling work, kids, family, home, cooking, cleaning, shopping, kids schedules…the list goes on.

It can be hard to fit in exercise. With CrossFit, all you have to do is show-up and we do the rest. There’s a qualified coach or two who have specifically planned your workout for you to get the results you’re after.  You’ll have a purpose.

No more wandering aimlessly into a gym with no help, doing some sit ups, using the leg press machine and walking on a treadmill for “long enough” then feeling deflated because the scales aren’t budging.

You will walk out of a CrossFit not only feeling like you have actually worked out, but you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished something every time. You will do things that you never thought possible.


2. You will continue to burn fat even after you’ve finished:

Lets be honest, we all want to lose a little bit of that post baby weight that has hung around a little too long. Because CrossFit is a constantly varied work out combining strength training, gymnastics and cardio, this results in an increase in your lean muscle. You will not bulk up – that is just a myth. You will grow more muscle and in turn, that muscle will consume more calories in your body.

Then other activities you do throughout your day will require more calories and will add to that fat burning equation.


3.  You will be able to lift furniture, chase the kids and carry the heavy stuff out of the shop yourself:

CrossFit teaches functional movements. Functional movements are those we do in everyday life.  Picking up the couch to move it, squatting down with the kids and lifting heavy stuff into the back of the car. We get you moving properly through a full range of motion. You get better at using your muscles and your ability to do things from day to day get easier.


4. You will feel awesome and stress less!

Every time you walk into our Box (CrossFit Gym) you do something you never imagined you thought was possible (pull-up, heavy deadlift, handstand, jump, throw, rope climb, etc.)

The natural release of endorphins when we workout is a given.  But the level of intensity with CrossFit, the combination of exercises and the awesome environment that you workout in all culminates in the ultimate endorphin release!  When you combine the endorphin release with your focus on your health and nutrition you will be in a healthier state of mind.


5. Its like a Social Outing and Workout all at once:

You may even find yourself connecting with others at the box and grabbing a coffee afterwards. You’ll be supported by people who are and have gone through the same stuff as you. I promise you, that everyone was a beginner at CrossFit at one stage.


6. You get to be YOU for that short time you are at CrossFit:

One of the most common things I hear from Mum’s is that for the one hour they are at CrossFit, they get to be themselves. They don’t have to be mum, driver, cook or wife, they get to be them and have that one hour to dedicate to themselves.  

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