1. Better Cardio. I personally hate doing cardio. I find it boring and repetitive. If this sounds like you, CrossFit is a great way to embrace cardio! CrossFit is a very effective way to up your cardio without spending hours on the treadmill or elliptical. You also get a better workout in a shorter amount of time. Would you rather spend an hour in one day at a CrossFit box or 2 hours doing a cardio circuit at your local gym?
  2. CrossFit is inviting. No matter if you can do a pull-up or can’t even think about doing a pull-up, you are welcome at CrossFit. CrossFit is filled with people of all skill and ability levels, and no matter what your level, you won’t be alone! Each exercise is scaled and broken down to a level you are able to handle! Everyone can try it, the key is to know your body and ability and workout accordingly.
  3. Make Friends. It’s difficult to meet new people outside or work, school, and friends of existing friends. Being involved with CrossFit will expose you to people of all kinds! If you dedicate a little bit of time at a Box, you’ll most likely have a lot of CrossFit friends in your future. Having a friend by your side to cheer you on can make or break a tough WOD!
  4. Partner Training. Whether with your husband, partner-in-crime, mum or best friend, CrossFit can help strengthen existing relationships.
  5. Get Toned. Do you steer away from lifting because you don’t want to bulk up? In all seriousness, bodybuilders spend years perfecting their bodies with strict diet and dedication to their workouts. The reality is, if you take on Strength training or CrossFit you’ll end up with that toned body you’ve always wanted!
  6. You’ll feel strong doing everyday things. Getting up and down off the floor with kids, taking the stairs and walking the dog. You’ll exude confidence and have better self-esteem.
  7. Workouts tailored to you! CrossFit Coaches are there to help you through every step of the way and ensure that you don’t hurt yourself. Each exercise is scaled and adapted to each person’s unique ability level. Everyone has different weight loss and/or muscle gain goals, and CrossFit is a sport that is able to cater to that.
  8. Moods! CrossFit can help women feel better about themselves. Exercise releases endorphins, which elevate your mood!

You be the judge! Check out a CrossFit class and see if it’s for you.

Deanna Mawson – Coach, CrossFit Shepparton.