What was your activity level before joining CrossFit?

I’ve always been an active person and willing to try any sport but I really enjoy long distance running and snowboarding. How did you hear about CrossFit and what were your first thoughts about what it was? My friend Aaron had joined CrossFit and after hearing him talk about it I didn’t really think it was a type of exercising I would really enjoy- the high intensity training side of it really scared me! It was him who encouraged me to contact my local CrossFit box after I watched him compete in the CrossFit Open in Melbourne. I constantly thank him for introducing me into the community.


What was the scariest part about joining?

Quitting the regular gym and not knowing what to expect walking into a new and unknown environment. I had no idea whether I’d enjoy it and being new to the area, I was scared about not knowing anyone and feeling ‘left out’.


How did it actually feel when you first walked in the door?

The guys at CrossFit embraced me with open arms. It has been one of the most supportive, friendly and encouraging environments. It keeps me coming back! Other than undertaking high intensity exercise, what other changes did you make in your life and how? I decided when starting CrossFit that I would really clean up my diet. I made some huge changes and focused on eating lots of high quality and nutrient dense foods. I have found that I feel so much better both physically and mentally when doing this and it really compliments my training. I have also cut back on the amount of drinking I do. It doesn’t achieve much for me, and I’m a happier person without it!


What was your diet like before CrossFit and what is it like now?

My diet before CrossFit fluctuated between periods of eating healthy and binging. Prior to moving to the area, I was living in Canada and working in a bakery which was a recipe for disaster! I was so unhappy with the way I looked but I’m so proud of myself now for making a massive improvement with my eating habits.


What, if anything, have you had to give up to reach your goals?

I think that anything I have given up has only been a positive change in my life. I used to think that going out and drinking every weekend was necessary to stay social, but this just ended in poor choices and made me unhappy. I have focused on enjoying my weekends and catching up with friends in a better, less boozy environment. It’s so nice being fresh on a Sunday! I also gave up comparing myself to others. This achieved nothing and it has taught me to be comfortable in my own body and embrace my flaws. It’s really driven me to become a better version of myself each day!


What keeps you coming back?

The wonderful, supportive community that surrounds CrossFit! I look forward to seeing the familiar faces every day after work and it winds me down each night and helps me relax (even though the workouts can be so physically and mentally challenging). I love the constantly varied exercise and the ability for it to show you you can never be too good at something!

If you think you’d like to give CrossFit a try, come in for a visit or a try out a session. Get in touch here.