The sense of community at CrossFit Shepparton is unique; everyone knows one another, there is always someone to help with technique, you compare results, discuss achievements and receive support.  People say hello, you might get a high five a fist bump and share a bar with them. It doesn’t matter how fit (or unfit) you are.  As a community, CrossFitters are amazing! Remember, there is no other place that will support you through the most mentally challenging workout like this.  Community reminds us all that we are the same, we’re all on the same journey, in the same struggle, and we all deserve the same respect.


Our coaches are authentically interested in your health and fitness. We make sure that each and every member we work with is performing movements with the proper technique and standards. We will ensure each member shows competency at one level of a progression before moving on to the next level.

Our coaches aim to build a strong relationship with our members and listen to your goals, weaknesses, past injuries, past experiences and apply those experiences to your training.


Our facility is second to none, and our attention to detail backs this up. We are a brand new purpose built facility and the only one like it in Shepparton area. We have all the latest equipment with plenty of room to move. There are no mirrors or fancy machines, you are the machine.



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Tareke Le Lievre

Head Coach / Manager

Tareke Le Lievre

Loves his dog Buddy & Blayze, prior to CrossFit was involved in MMA, footy, basketball, athletics and loves his Coffee and Netflix tv series Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Tareke enjoys helping people on their fitness journey. Whether to lose weight, run faster or get stronger. It brings him joy making people itching to get to their next session!

Georgia Otto

Teens Coach

Georgia Otto

Loves handstand push-ups and thinks split-jerks are always fun!
Georgia is currently studying a Bachelor of food and nutrition with Latrobe University.

I love CrossFit Shepparton because of the community we have created. Everyone and anyone is welcome, everyone gets along and is treated equally. There’s always goals being set and with the help from our Head coach Tareke they are being met!

Daniel Forge (Forgie)


Daniel Forge (Forgie)

Dan has been a Personal Trainer for 8 years and CrossFitting for 2 years. You’ll see Dan taking our Fundamentals classes and assisting new members orientate themselves. Outside the gym, he loves food, Golf, footy and thinking about the gym.

He’s a Project Manager at a civil engineering firm during the day.

Dan’s favourite CrossFit movements include Thrusters, Bench press, Deadlifts and Cleans.

James Mawson


James Mawson

James is simply great with people, he can make you feel at ease with his ability to show empathy and listen and be able to get the best out of you every class.  Known for his love of 90’s techno music James loves having a dance on the gym floor or cracking a bad joke mid workout.  James has over 15 years experience in the gym and fitness industry and is passionate about passing on his knowledge and helping people achieve their goals.

Deanna Mawson


Deanna Mawson

De’s background lies in team sports and has played and coached at a Senior level for many years. Coming from a career in Occupational Rehabilitation she uses these skills to help people breakdown their own barriers to achieve lifelong health. She loves CrossFit and seeing everyday people do things they never thought they could. De enjoys working alongside the other CrossFit coaches, having a (loud) laugh and a bit of fun.





12-17 YEARS


“Why the hell do I do Crossfit….. turns into…. because it makes me an achiever and appreciative of all the things that our bodies and minds are capable of and aware of all the things we need to be our best selves…. a long story short, I need Crossfit, as much as it needs me!!!”

Katrina Ginnivan, CrossFit Member

“I thought I was fit when I walked through the door being doing PT for 6 years and thought yeah this should be easy. Little did I know that I would be in a totally different place when it comes to fitness 12 months later, lost weight, increased strength and with that, everything in my life is now easier the fitter I have become.”

Pat Glynn, CrossFit Member

“I always found it hard to stay motivated to exercise. But at CrossFit it is the people that keep me looking forward to the next session”

Julie Scott, CrossFit Member







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